EverQuest 2 - Tears of Veeshan

Three great Reasons to play:

  • Explore the enormous online world

  • Experience the extensive gameplay

  • Become part of the exceptional player community


  • EverQuest® II is the epitome of massively multiplayer online gaming, offering you the ultimate role-playing experience. With its vast world and massive expansions, it has grown throughout the years, offering both unique features and extraordinary adventures.



  • Age of Discovery - Freeport: To Battle!
  • Skyshrine: The Underdepths
  • Destiny of Velious - The Fortress of Drunder
  • Scars of the Awakened: Cobalt Scar

EverQuest®II - The One True MMORPG Experience
Everquest 2 is an extensive MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) leading players into a vast, fantastic world where adventure beckons at every turn of the road. Players individually create their characters, and venture out into hours of thrilling gameplay. They also find new friends within the large community; together, they master the challenges of Everquest 2.

Multifaceted Character Creation
Everquest 2 combines all qualities a current MMORPG should offer. Players become immediately immersed in a vast fantasy world, individually creating their characters by choosing from 20 different races and 25 various classes deriving from four archetypes: Fighter, Scout, Healer and Mage. The character selection offers the first glimpse of the player's inclination to pursue a good (e.g. "High Elf"), evil (e.g. "Dark Elf") or neutral (e.g. "Human") path. Opting for the neutral path will lead to crossroads later in the game, offering to choose one side or the other. Everquest 2 offers players an extensive character creation process, where every detail such as facial features, skin hues, tattoos, body size, and/or girth - to name but a few - may be individually adjusted.  Thousands of enthralling quests help players to delve ever deeper into the story of Everquest 2. The greatest challenges return the best rewards, and they can be mastered with the help of the community.

Survivors Are In Demand
Everquest 2 is one of the most complex MMORPGs on the market, and now available free to play. Norrath - the world of Everquest 2 - spans vast continental locales, cities and dungeons. Players find themselves in a parallel online universe, and the time is approx. 500 years after the acclaimed predecessor EverQuest. Their adventurous journey begins shortly after the explosion of the moon Luclin above Norrath. The impact of its debris tore the land apart, and left several islands in its wake. The survivors of this disaster came together in the two well-known cities of Qeynos (ruled by the good side) and Freeport (ruled by evil). Experience the adventure that is Everquest 2 and explore the shattered world of Norrath, which now harbors even more dangers as well as new enemies, while Gods are born in the game.

Download EverQuest® II and the Adventure Begins
If you'd like to delve into this enthralling fantasy world, all you have to do is download Everquest 2 free from our website. Once the download is complete, register your free account, and you will be able to create your character straight away. A wealth of useful information about both the world and the features of Everquest 2 can be found in the Everquest 2 Wiki. It offers information on strengths and weaknesses of all races and classes, describes quests and regions, and tells the background story. For further questions, players may turn to the Everquest 2 forum for in-depth discussions with the extensive community about the game. This is also an opportunity to find guilds recruiting enthusiastic players in order to master the challenging adventures.